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  • We strive for excellence in providing professional
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  Now hiring: 
CDL B-Drivers
 Admin/Clerical-w/ excel 
Billing/Payroll-PT only
 Outside Sales/Staffing-exp. 1 year+ 
Electrical Tech-Jr. 
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What separates us from the competition?


KNOWLEDGE - Due to our research, curiosity and need we have a vast knowledge of various industries, which makes Rapid Staffing, Inc. stand out from the rest.

SENSITIVITY - We understand people, and when life has brought a challenge to our employees or our client's companies we take the time to listen and care about each individual just as if they were family. Our ”Personal Touch” is unique & rare.

PLACEMENT UNIQUENESS - In today’s society it seems employees want a specific pay and a specific position. By understanding our clients and employees we market to each side what the strong points are and why they are such a good match. We ask that they give each other a chance. We see traits other people may not see due to us taking the time to listen, care, research and follow through.

ENERGY - Our team has lots of it, enthusiastic to serve you! This is the reason we can place people so quickly.

Rapid Staffing, Inc. is a Minority Business Enterprise with active memberships in the following:
Bay Area Apartment
Tampa Bay Convention
and Visitors Bureau
Tampa Bay Hispanic
Chamber of Commerce
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