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ID Industry Job Title Start Date Location Assignment
4190Light IndustrialWarehouse w/ basic forklift knowledge11/26/12FL - OrlandoTemp to Hire
10915Office & AdministrationLOAN ASSIANT SUPPORT01/19/15FL - OrlandoTEMP
11433MaintenanceIRRIGATION TECH09/17/15FL - Valrico30 DAYS-HIRE
11985RetailSALES ASSOCIATE09/14/15FL - New Port RicheyTEMP-HIRE
12141RetailSALES ASSOCIATE09/14/15FL - New Port RicheyTEMP-HIRE
12514CDL DriversCDL A OR B DRIVER05/18/15FL - OrlandoTEMP TO HIRE
12515CDL DriversCDL A OR B DRIVER05/18/15FL - OrlandoTEMP TO HIRE
12811General LaborLANDSCAPING MAINTENANCE / LABOR05/20/15FL - OrlandoTEMP
13179MaintenanceMAINTENANCE TECHNICIAN09/14/15FL - TampaT-H 560 HRS
13291MaintenanceIRRIGATION TECH07/07/15FL - Orlando30 DAYS-HIRE
13925MaintenanceLEAD07/07/15FL - OrlandoTemp to Hire
13927MaintenanceLEAD07/07/15FL - OrlandoTemp to Hire
13928MaintenanceLEAD07/07/15FL - OrlandoTemp to Hire
13929MaintenanceLEAD07/07/15FL - OrlandoTemp to Hire
13930MaintenanceLEAD07/07/15FL - OrlandoTemp to Hire
13931MaintenanceLEAD07/07/15FL - OrlandoTemp to Hire
14015CDL DriversCDL A OR B DRIVER08/11/15FL - OrlandoTEMP TO HIRE
14039Office & AdministrationRTMC OPERATOR06/22/15FL - OrlandoLONG TERM-ELIGIBLE 400 T-H
14040Office & AdministrationRTMC OPERATOR06/22/15FL - OrlandoLONG TERM-ELIGIBLE 400 T-H
14043MaintenanceMAINTENANCE PORTER08/11/15FL - OrlandoTEMP TO HIRE
14053MaintenanceLANDSCAPER09/21/15FL - ValricoT-H 560 HRS
14116MaintenanceLANDSCAPER09/21/15FL - ValricoT-H 560 HRS
14391Maintenance3RD SHIFT Porter/ Sweeper09/30/15FL - TampaTEMP TO HIRE
14421ClericalADMIN SPECIALIST09/29/15FL - OcalaTEMPORARY
14562CDL DriversCDL B DRIVER09/30/15FL - TampaTEMP
14584General LaborCONDUIT INSTALL-DIGGING10/05/15FL - OrlandoTEMPORARY
14658Light IndustrialWAREHOUSE HELPER10/06/15FL - TampaTEMP
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