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ID Industry Job Title Start Date Location Assignment
12514CDL DriversCDL A OR B DRIVER08/03/17FL - OrlandoTEMP TO HIRE
12515CDL DriversCDL A OR B DRIVER08/03/17FL - OrlandoTEMP TO HIRE
13928MaintenanceLANDSCAPER05/08/18FL - OrlandoTemp to Hire
18485Skilled TradesFACILITY MAINTENANCE TECH- LEVEL I08/14/17FL - OrlandoT-H
19097General LaborFACILITY MAINTENANCE TECH- LEVEL I08/14/17FL - OrlandoT-H
19098Skilled TradesFACILITY MAINTENANCE TECH- LEVEL II08/14/17FL - OrlandoT-H
19099Skilled TradesFACILITY MAINTENANCE TECH- LEVEL II08/14/17FL - OrlandoT-H
19100Skilled TradesFACILITY MAINTENANCE TECH- LEVEL II08/14/17FL - OrlandoT-H
19101Skilled TradesFACILITY MAINTENANCE TECH- LEVEL II08/14/17FL - OrlandoT-H
21948Light IndustrialFORKLIFT OPERATOR-CERTIFIED04/25/17FL - OrlandoTEMP TO HIRE
22279Light IndustrialINDUSTRIAL CLEANERS05/30/17FL - OrlandoT-H
22782General LaborDUCT CLEANER / INSULATION HELPER-LEVEL 209/25/17FL - OrlandoTEMP
22783General LaborDUCT CLEANER / INSULATION HELPER-LEVEL 109/25/17FL - OrlandoTEMP
23225CDL DriversCDL B DRIVER10/15/18FL - OrlandoTEMP TO HIRE
23226CDL DriversCDL B DRIVER10/15/18FL - OrlandoTEMP TO HIRE
23239ClericalDATA ENTRY11/06/17FL - Orlando3 MONTHS
23301HospitalityEXPERIENCED COOK12/03/18FL - CasselberryTEMP
24696General LaborORDER SELECTOR02/15/18FL - OrlandoTEMP
24715General LaborGENERAL LABOR10/02/17FL - OrlandoTemp
24750ClericalGUEST INFORMATION02/26/18FL - OrlandoTEMP - HIRE
24909ClericalBARCODERS07/09/18FL - OrlandoTEMP
25156Office & AdministrationACCOUNTING03/26/18FL - OrlandoTemp to Hire
25233Office & AdministrationINVENTORY CONTROL CLERK04/10/18FL - OcalaTEMP TO HIRE
25566MaintenanceLANDSCAPER05/08/18FL - OrlandoTemp to Hire
25933Special EventsBUS RIDE CHECK-LAKE COUNTY10/01/18FL - LeesburgSPECIAL EVENTS
25981MaintenanceLANDSCAPER05/08/18FL - OrlandoTemp to Hire
26072Office & AdministrationIT TIER 2 TECH07/23/18FL - OrlandoTEMP TO HIRE
26073Light IndustrialFORKLIFT OPERATOR06/25/18FL - OrlandoTEMP TO HIRE
26289ClericalDATA ENTRY11/06/17FL - Orlando3 MONTHS
26699General LaborCDL A DRIVER10/12/18FL - LakelandTEMP TO HIRE
26842HospitalityPREP COOK12/03/18FL - CasselberryTEMP
26843HospitalityDISHWASHER12/03/18FL - CasselberryTEMP
27415Light IndustrialWAREHOUSE/GEN LABOR01/14/19FL - TampaTEMP TO HIRE
27582HospitalityTT / USHER02/17/19FL - OrlandoSPECIAL EVENT-CONTRACT
27600HospitalitySERVERS/SET UP/DISHWASHER02/04/19FL - Cocoa BeachTEMP
27633General LaborAPARTMENT CLEANER01/29/19FL - OrlandoTEMP
27657Special EventsMAIN ROOM MONITORS02/25/19FL - TampaTEMP
27658Special EventsMAIN ROOM MONITORS02/25/19FL - TampaTEMP
27659Special EventsMAIN ROOM MONITORS02/25/19FL - TampaTEMP
27660Special EventsMAIN ROOM MONITORS02/25/19FL - TampaTEMP
27661Special EventsMAIN ROOM MONITORS02/25/19FL - TampaTEMP
27662Special EventsMAIN ROOM MONITORS02/25/19FL - TampaTEMP
27663Special EventsMAIN ROOM MONITORS02/25/19FL - TampaTEMP
27664Special EventsMAIN ROOM MONITORS02/25/19FL - TampaTEMP
27665Special EventsMAIN ROOM MONITORS02/25/19FL - TampaTEMP
27666Special EventsMAIN ROOM MONITORS02/25/19FL - TampaTEMP
27667HospitalityPREP PERSON01/28/19FL - OrlandoTEMP
27676HospitalitySERVER02/12/19FL - Cape CanaveralTEMP
27738Specialized TradesUNARMED SECURITY GUARD02/09/19FL - Plant CityTEMP-PROJECT
27741Information TechnologyGRAPHIC ARTIST02/07/19FL - LakelandTEMP TO HIRE
27743General LaborAPARTMENT CLEANER02/11/19FL - OrlandoTEMP
27763General LaborAPARTMENT CLEANER02/18/19FL - TampaTEMP
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